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lundi 16 mai 2011

Fete du Printemps

Dear Sébastien,
Sorry it as been a while since I last wrote! I have been spending lots of time getting the garden ready and hopefully looking beautiful later in the year.  Also there is alot more going on than usual, as the springtime nears summer.  One of those things was the Spring fair, or Fete du Printemps, at our village Blanzac.  Here are some photographs of what was going on..................................................................
A few fair rides were in the village and a vide grenier (car boot sale)

A blue Citroen 2CV (apparently they go faster)

Some old tractors were on show

There were some different breeds of birds and rabbits

A curly pigeon

there was a marching band aswell

Just out of the village there are some lovely poppies flowering

Very different type of Rose

and of cause Jacques is still doing fine and says Bonjour!!

Well I hope you liked a look at Blanzac Spring Fair Sébastien.  After all the fun yesterday it is back to its sleepy self again today.
Daddy loves you lots

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  1. Wish I was there! The rose is called a Rosa Mundi and is a very old rose I think, I got one years ago from Bernadette in Wales. I t has lovely flowers but they only flower once.
    Do you remember Berni Trev and Seth?